Workshop organised by the Philosophy of Communication section of ECREA

Lusófona University, Lisbon



One hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp’s “The Fountain” changed our conceptions of art. Roughly at the same time, the rise and dissemination of electronic media altered our notions of communication. In 1935, Walter Benjamin linked these two changes in his seminal reflections on “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. Fast forward to the present day, and we can see how the rise of “new media” and the formation of novel communicative practices have had a deep impact on the arts – on their production, perception, and reception. But whereas many artists have enthusiastically employed new forms of media in their works, media and communication theorists have rarely paid attention to the aesthetic facets of their field of research, focusing rather on its ontological, epistemological, ethical, and political aspects.

In this workshop, the Philosophy of Communication section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) invites communication scholars, philosophers, and artists to reflect on, develop, and debate the relationship between the arts, the aesthetic, and communication. We invite proposals that probe influences and tensions between these spheres from a variety of philosophical and theoretical perspectives. We seek papers that explore the contributions of specific philosophers to the question at hand as well as discussions of the unique communicative characteristics of individual art forms and works. We are looking for presentations that deal with the intersection of communication and art in contemporary social life – from the proliferation of visual culture and developments in the cultural industries to the aestheticization of politics and everyday life – as well as contributions that address the implications of contemporary media aesthetics on the theorizing of communication itself. Examinations of historical transformations of the relationship between varying modes of communication and the arts are also most welcome.


Keynote speakers

Confirmed keynote speakers: Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton) and José Bragança de Miranda (New University of Lisbon)



EPC Workshop Programme



Workshop fee: 45€ (includes 6 coffee breaks and 2 meals)



IOC (International Organizing Committee)

  • Eli Dresner
  • Johan Siebers
  • José Gomes Pinto
  • Kęstas Kirtiklis
  • Lydia Sanchéz
  • Mats Bergman
  • Philomen Schönhagen
  • Emanuel Kulczycki
  • Carlos Roos


LOC (Local Organizing Committee)

  • José Gomes Pinto
  • Paulo Lima
  • Joana Bicacro


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