Welcome to Our Section

Dear friends,

Thank you for your vested interest. After the final approval given by the Executive Board of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) in October 2006, the Philosophy of Communication Section is officially operative.

The establishment of this Section is informed by the belief that the Philosophy of Communication is a particularly salient area of inquiry today, given the increased understanding of the fundamental role communication plays in almost all aspects of life, and increasingly, of science, and the social changes brought about by an increasingly gloablised ‘communication society’.

Communication is challenging in its performance, exploration, description and explanation. It is this challenge which encourages specialists and researchers from several disciplines to go beyond the boundaries of their academic disciplines in the expectation of experiencing an open discourse that emerges from divergent interests. Driven by this spirit the Section promotes exchange, research, education and debate. Its members emphatically encourage diversity in thought and expertise. The Philosophy of Communication Section appeals to academics and professionals at large to play an active role in furthering a culture of critical debate.